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    自己缝衣服作文|自己缝衣服 英语作文


    今天做值日时,我的校服不小心被扫把上的铁丝勾了一个三角形的口子,下午放学一到家初中作文,我就急匆匆地从抽屉里翻出针线,决定自己把衣服补好,不让妈妈发现。Today, when I was on duty, my school uniform was accidentally cut a triangle by the wire on the broom. As soon as I got home from school in the afternoon, I hurriedly turned out the stitches from the drawer and decided to mend the clothes by myself, so my mother wouldn\t find out.我翻遍了抽屉,可除了几团白色和红色的线外未来的家乡作文,根本找不到蓝色的线,这可怎么办呢?”我急得像热锅上的蚂蚁,没有蓝线就用红线缝算了”我自言自语道。于是不管三七二十一,我拿出一团红线,穿上针,一手拿针,一手捏着衣服的破洞未来的家乡作文,学着妈妈的样子开始缝了起来。一针、两针、三针……洞口慢慢被缝合了,只是有点凹凹凸凸的未来的家乡作文,不够整齐。妈妈还说我什么都不会做呢,你看,我自己不是会缝衣服啦!”正在我洋洋自得时,哎呀,好痛啊!”一不小心,我的手被针扎出血来了,这下我可尝到了针刺破手的滋味了。我慌忙放下针线,赶紧用卫生纸擦了擦。然后从药箱找出一片创口贴裹在手上,继续缝。I went through the drawer, but I couldn\t find the blue line except for a few white and red lines. "What can I do?" I was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. "If you don\t have blue thread, sew it with red thread." I said to myself. So regardless of 37-21, I took out a bunch of red thread, put on the needle, hold the needle in one hand, hold the hole in the clothes in the other hand, and began to sew like my mother. One, two, three The hole was slowly sewn up, just a little concave and convex, not neat enough. "My mother also said that I can\t do anything. You see, I can\t sew clothes myself!" When I was complacent, "Oh, what a pain!" Accidentally, my hand was pricked and bleeding. Now I can taste the taste of pricking my hand. I put down the needle and thread hurriedly and wiped it with toilet paper. Then find a piece of bandage from the medicine box and wrap it on your hand, and continue to sew.经过半个小时的忙活,我终于把衣服上的洞缝结实了。虽然不像妈妈缝的那么整齐、好看,但我今天体会到了缝衣服的快乐。After half an hour\s work, I finally sewed the holes in my clothes. Although it\s not as neat and beautiful as mother\s sewing, I feel the joy of sewing today
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